As part of the work of Cumann na bhFiann, ó has been set up to highlight all activities available to young people outside of the school environment. Young people must be exposed to Irish as a living language at a social level and therefore not only associate it with the ‘school subject’. So that we can encourage young people to speak Irish with their Irish speaking friends, we must give them good reason to do so and that is our challenge.  We must create and ensure equality always so that young people don’t have to make a choice because an activity isn’t available to them in irish. If we succeed in highlighting all that is available outside of school in terms of ‘using’ Irish, we will create a normality about using Irish and facilitate the creation of networks of friends and young people with similar interests speaking Irish. During the teenage years, it is vital that we make it easy for young people to choose speaking Irish with their Irish speaking friends. Habits of a lifetime are created during these years and so, through the work of all Irish Language Youth organisations, Irish teachers in schools all around the country and all of the Irish language medium schools and many more,  let us endeavour to make speaking Irish be an easy choice and be a central part of teenagers’ lives.